Bauer & Braden

Meet Bauer & Braden, two precious boys I met a few days ago. Bauer is on the move and wasn’t too sure he wanted pictures with his baby brother, but thanks to some bubbles, singing his favorite songs, and his parents getting him to giggle, we managed to keep him still for a few ;) And Mr. Braden was very chill, and I think he was enjoying all the attention of being the baby of the house now. Lindy & Brad, it was so great to meet y’all and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek. I am working on your slideshow and should have it ready for you before you leave town this week!

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Helena Wall

I love the pictures!!!


Aren’t they the cutest!? We got some cute ones for sure!

sheila hallford

They are the most beautiful boys ever! Of course, I’m not prejudie!

Emily Cambron

Thanks for sending the pictures. The boys are so cute and photogenic!! Love your photographer, too. I know you must be so proud.

Katie Walters

Great photos! Your boys are so precious!!!

Star Hallford

What a couple of handsome young men!! The one of Braden on the floor is sooooo sweet.


I especially love the one of Braden on the floor — so macho!

Cara Berkley

Amazing pics! I could possibly have the most adorable nephews!

Dee Herron

Lindy, Very handsome boys and great pics. I can’t believe how grown up they already are!! Bauer reminds me of Brad when he was a baby but also looks like you too. What a combo!!!

kacy Tolleson


Mary Berkley

I loved the pictures of the boys together. Good job.

Mary Berkley

I loved the pictures of the boys together. Bauers orange shirt looks good.

Mary Berkley

The pictures of Bauer and Braden were great. I loved them.

jennifer Roberts

Claire, great job! although you did have some pretty good subjects to shoot ;-)

Jen (Brickman) Roberts


Claire– These are so cute! I can’t wait to see the slideshow!

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