Bowman {20 months}

I almost didn’t recognize this little guy because the last time I saw him, he was just learning to walk. Now, he is quite the mover with the most adorable head of curls and the sweetest personality! Typically this is a difficult age to photograph, but Bowman proved me very wrong and did wonderfully. Kristin, I’m so glad I got to photograph precious Bowman again while y’all were in town. Thanks for such a fun morning!




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These are truly beautiful. I can’t wait to decorate my house with them!

You got some delightful shots of my grandson at the Arboretum Claire and I CAN’T wait to see the whole group!!! Although he is a great looking child, you are a TERRIFIC photographer as I know what you had to go thru since I was there. Looking forward to seeing all of those shots! Cynthia

Wow, thank you everyone! I had such a blast and Bowman has such a fun personality! LOVED seeing him again

Betsy Wall

Kristin- I love these!! You have a little heartbreaker on your hands! He is so adorable and cannot get over his blonde, beautiful curls! XOXO!

Cathryn Brothers

These three are fantastic photos of Bowman. Thanks for sending them to us. dLooking forward to seeing the rest of the photos.


What awesome pictures. He is adorable!

Christy Horton

Wow, amazing photos! I wish Claire Smith was in San Diego!!


Bowman is best buddy of my 20 months son Jason in San Diego! He looks adorable on these photos. Great job on the photo work. He has grown so much during the past few months that is hard to believe that he was a little baby not to long ago! Love to Bowman’s parents- Mariella & Jason

Jill Getchey

what precious pictures! those blue eyes just shine!

Cathy Purcell

Love the pictures of Bowman Baker Yanicelli; what an adorable little boy. I especially like the 2 standing photographs. His expression in those is absolutely wonderful. Great pics!

betty snellings

These are absolutely fabulous photographs of a beautiful little boy!!! Claire, your photography skills with children are superb.
and Bowman, you will break lots of hearts!!!

The most lovely little boy. These pictures are amazing, you are so talented.

Marissa Silva

Wow, these photos are so beautiful!! I don’t know what is better, the adorable photographee–Bowman–or the wonderful shots! Too bad I don’t live in Dallas, I would love to have pics like this of Luke :)

Kathryn Childers

Bowman looks CO sute and he’s growing so fast! What beautiful pictures, Kristin you must be so proud!

Carroll Yanicelli

How adorable these pictures are, I cannot wait to see the rest of them. Thank you for the sneak peak. You captured his personality perfectly. He looks very grown up and everyone should have those curls.

sheldon long

so cute!

Pretty dapper with those intense blue eyes and curly locks. He seems to have a flair for the cameras

Christian Yanicelli

Those look great. I want some when they come out.

Sarah Smith

First of all, mini Michael! Second of all, I am obsessed with his clothes! He is the BEST DRESSED kid I know! And thirdly, LOVE his curls! Great job Claire. I am so proud of you sis-in-love! You are such a rock star!!! Beautiful pics!! Once again you captured his personality perfectly. Every pic is SO bowman!!!

Nicole Seanor

ADORABLE!!! He has gotten so big! What an angel!! XOXO

mary beth wagner

so cute! we are having our session on saturday! great pics!

Suzie Todd

Fantastic photos! What a handsome little guy…So photogenic!

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