I got to spend another day with this sweet boy and his wonderful parents. Hank did finally give in and decided to sleep for us, which I knew would be the case eventually ;) It is clear that Hank is one loved little guy and it is always such a joy for me to be able to see families so in love with their new little miracles. Thanks for letting me come over and “move” into your house again for the day. We got some great ones, and I can’t wait to show y’all the rest! Congrats again…Hank is just perfect!





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Suzanne Armstrong

He is just perfect. These are precious pictures. Can’t wait to meet him in person! Hopefully this week!!! Love, Suzanne

Tami Williams

I just think he is so sweet! Beautiful pics, so jealous!!!!

WOW! Thank you everyone for your comments. Kinsey & Scott, you have some very loyal blog readers I see! Can’t wait to show the rest and of course give you the surprise with your order :)

Sarah Branum

I love these photos of Hank. He is precious. I can’t wait to hold him.

Holly Robichaux

These are really awesome! He is so precious, and you did a great job!

melissa brown

These pictures are amazing! And this baby is just beautiful! :)

Meg Maguire

Great pictures! I love the one in the chair. Looks like you made it over 15 comments!

mimi harrison

love love love him!!! what a precious punkin’!!!!!!! fabulous pictures!!!! love the nursery too! xo,m

Linda Zachry

These pictures are SO adorable of this beautiful boy, they need to be on a magazine cover!!

Stacey Beck

Hank is beyond precious! These make me want to have another. They grow up way too fast. Kinsey, so thrilled for y’all. Hope to meet him soon!

Alyshia Zimmerman

The pictures are amazing! It looks like Hank is a pro at getting his picture taken already. Beautiful.


what beautiful pictures – and you are going to be so grateful you had pictures taken so soon..they grow up too fast!!


Hank is adorable! The last one is my favorite…..I can tell it will be difficult to choose…they are all great!

Tara James

The pictures are purely scrumptious. Perfect subject and incredibly talented shots. Love all of them!


oh my these are the most precious pictures. there is no way i could ever pick a favorite. what a precious gift!!

Sarah Lock

love them all!
couldn’t even pic a favorite if i had to! he’s perfect.


oh my goodness, these are just AMAZING!! i got all teary eyed looking at them… He has changed already and I just saw him a week ago!

Oh Kinsey, he is just an angel! You are going to love that you had pictures taken of him this early on. They change so fast…


Those are so precious, and, of course, Hank is a great little subject — so cute!

He is too cute! I can’t wait to have a baby so that you can take their picture!!

Kelly Hanshaw

THAT’S MYYYYYYY NEPHEW!!!! Is he not the cutest thing ever!!! Your pics are beautiful and you can tell you are very talented but seriously…. isn’t he a beautiful subject!!!! LOVE THE CHAIR!!! I need that one in my house.


such a cutie! i love these pics.

What a blessing……..he is perfect!!


love love love!! thanks Claire for posting!!

Holly Myers

Want to eat him!


LOVE HIM!! Those pics are amazing!!

These pictures are AMAZING! LOVE sweet Hank! These make me wish we would have done newborn pictures!


oh my goodness claire! love them! can’t wait to see more!

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