Harley & Dayton

Yep, more twins! Harley & Dayton are now the 7th set of twins that I’ve had the privilege of photographing since April ’08, and they couldn’t be any cuter. They have some of the prettiest deep blue eyes I have ever seen! And thanks to my mom for letting me borrow the fantastic antique doll crib she had stashed away ;) Kimberly, it was so great to meet you and your precious boys, and I am glad Lexie got to come along too. Looking forward to seeing y’all again soon and getting to meet the rest of your crew!

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Kathy Smith

These pictures are fabulous. And, thank your mom for me for letting you borrow her antique crib. How unique! I love the colors too. Can’t wait to see the rest! You did such a wonderful job.

mary gammell

Precious children – can hardly wait to see them! Precious pictures, too. They are so origional and unique.

Mary Ann Eckert

Precious,precious pictures!
Can’t wait to see the rest of them.
Such good and unique photography.

courtney devlin

Oh my goodness! Look at my precious nephews! They are both just darling and the pictures capture them wonderfully! What a beautiful family! :)

Kimberly Eckert

These are great Claire! It was hot but these photos are worth it! :)

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