Pray for Kate McRae

My friend and fellow photographer Lidia, recently told me about this little girl, Kate who has been battling a rare and agressive brain tumor. For Lidia, I know this hits close to home. She herself is a cancer survivor and has been down a very tough road. The amazing gift that she has given this family is very clear to see just by looking at the pictures. I know these will be cherished forever. Please pray for Kate and her family. She is back in the hospital for another round of chemo and I know she needs all the prayers we can give her. Below I have included an excerpt from Lidia’s blog, as well as, some of the pictures she took of Kate and her family:

“Kate lives in Phoenix, Arizona and I came across her story from a blog of another photographer. Myself being a cancer survivor her story touched my heart and I wanted to somehow share my gift of photography with Kate’s family. I flew to Arizona this past weekend to be able to capture some memories of Kate. Below are just a few pictures of Kate, her sister Olivia and her brother
Will.. I had an amazing time with the kids and now I have a new name…Picture lady :)… The kids called me that cause I probably had the camera in my hands 90% of the time I was with them. I just did not want to miss anything.”

Hugs to all of you…

Lidia B

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What a wonderful gift she has given this family. I am sending my prayers.

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