Prayers for Will

I went to photograph sweet Will again this past weekend and just as usual, he was happy as ever! I think he is starting to get quite accustomed to the clicking noise of my camera :) Not to mention being a cutie, this is one strong and brave little boy! He had to have open heart surgery when he was born and his family just found out he needs to have another one sooner than they expected. He will be having open heart surgery again on April 13th and I know prayers would be much appreciated for this little guy and his family. I have been so humbled by their strength through it all. Each and every time I have seen or talked to his parents they have both been so happy and strong despite the ups and downs they have been through. Will is truly a gift to them and big sister Paige and I am faithful that the Lord is going to watch over him through this next surgery. Thank you Laurie & Craig for letting me come back over and get some more pictures of Will. I will be praying for y’all in the coming weeks and will be working on the rest of the pictures in the meantime. Much love to you all!

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thank you so much alison. I think the surgery went well! He sure is a cutie for sure!


I hope his surgery went well!
he is such a cutie-I love his smile!
sending healing thoughts his way.

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