Behind the Scenes…

I thought I would share something a bit different today. Before becoming a photographer, I didn’t know how much time goes into editing and honestly once I figured that part out, I wasn’t thrilled that I couldn’t just take a picture and make it look like I wanted it to right out of the camera. So, for those that are curious as to why it takes a lot of photographers a few weeks to see the proofs, this is why  ;)

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Claire, what a great idea to do the before and after shots. You can really see the difference!

Your work is beautiful! i know that this is really random, but i found your website through a friend and i am an aspiring photographer in Maryland, and i am having the hardest time figuring out how to make my pics look, well, as beautiful as yours. how did you go about lightening your photos? do you shoot in raw ?what photo-editing program do you use? here’s my website any advice on how to make my pictures better?
Thanks for your time, your pictures truly are stunning!

Well, your post processing skills are wonderful!!!! Worth the wait!

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