Elijah {19 mos.}

It is now officially busy season, and the time of year when sleep is little and productivity is in high gear! Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my dear clients, and it is a joy to be able to see them every year about this time, as well as getting to meet lots of new families!

As an aunt to 7 (+1 more on the way) I make sure to allow time to photograph them too. They change so fast and I know how meaningful it is to their parents to have pictures of them growing up. And after all, each of them has been one of my little models over the years when I stumble upon a new location or find a fun new prop I need to try out. So in the midst of all the fall busyness, I took some time off to spend a wonderful morning with my sweet nephew Elijah. Last time I photographed him, he was about 9 months old so he sure has changed a lot. We wanted to make sure we captured him at this fun age and when he still had those adorable curls. I must admit I hope he never loses them, because they are too stinkin’ cute!

If I remember correctly, this wooden train used to be his dad’s when he was little, so I thought we should incorporate it into Elijah’s session too :)

Thank you sweet Sarah for bringing Elijah to the park. I know how crazy both our schedules are this time of year, and I am so glad we were able to fit in a session for sweet Elijah! xoxo, Aunt Claire

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So cute! Glad you were able to find the time to take these.

Sarah Smith

Claire, I LOVE these! You have made Thad and I laugh and cry! We are so thankful that you share your amazing talent with us, and you captured some of our favorite faces that he makes. And the one with his arms saying “IS IT? IS IT?” It’s one of our favorite things that he does! I also love the story of what he was looking for in that picture…an airplane and that roaring sound he would make and say, “dadda! babo!!” These are beautiful. We love you so much, Aunt Claire! Xoxo, Thad & Sarah

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