Featured on NAPCP

Kristen from NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) recently contacted me and asked if I would contribute to their parent blog. I was incredibly honored, excited, and admittedly a bit nervous to write something for this wonderful association since writing has never been my strong point! NAPCP, pronounced “NAP-C-P”, is an association that among other things provides a multitude of resources to both professional child photographers and parents. Whether you’re already one of my amazing clients, a parent in search of a professional child photographer where you live, or are simply interested in learning more about this specialized niche of photography, NAPCP is a great resource for you too!

To my fellow photographers out there, be sure to go and join this fantastic association. Being a member has provided me the opportunity to connect with tons of incredible photographers, be inspired, and grow as an artist. I have no doubt that it will give the same opportunity to you!

To read my article that was featured on the NAPCP blog today, click here

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thank you so much y’all :)

Wow, what an honor! Congrats to you Claire! Off to read the article!


nice work Claire!

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