Lily {6 mos.}

Lily happens to be the niece of my college roommate from back when we were both freshmen at Ole Miss, and I felt like I already knew her just from hearing all the stories her aunt has told me over the past 6 or 7 months. As you can see, she is beautiful just like her momma and has a dad that clearly loves his baby girl to pieces. I seriously could’ve photographed this precious girl all day…she is the sweetest!

Thank you mom & dad for asking me to photograph your precious Lily. I had such a wonderful evening with all of you!

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Beautiful girl! Congratulations Worth Family! We are so happy for you all!

Kathryn Ateek

I love the pictures!!! What a beautiful family! I especially like the third one. Lily has beautiful eyes. Noah thinks she looks gorgeous!! :)

Emily Crowell

Love love love the pics! they are beautiful! Praise the Lord for precious little girls!!


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!!

Mack Ogren

It is so good that you are treasuring every moment with beautiful Lily. She is a blessing from the Lord. (be sure to remember that when you are awakened at 2:00AM.)

Timothy Ateek

Noah keeps asking us to pull up these pictures again to show him his girlfriend. He thinks she looks pretty dang good. These are awesome pics Worth’s.

Oh my goodness! These pictures are amazing. Lily is a beautiful model and Claire is a gifted photographer. Thanks for sharing them with us!

lauren cummings

I love my cousins!! Soooo precious!

Kim Mills

Sweet, sweet pictures of a sweet, sweet girl!



Neil Noakes

Wow! Those may be the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! She is just as beautiful as her mother and her grandma. Sterling looks cute too!

lindsay cummings

she’s so cute when shes not growling =]

kandy ridley

Claire, it was great seeing you again. The pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see all the others. Thanks for giving us memories to last a life time. We love our Lily Boo


What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing Sterling!

Don Cummings

What a photogenic, beautiful baby. Great pictures – you caught Lily’s gorgeous eyes as they really are… (Nat and Sterl, you look good too.)

Jake Roberts

So cute. I can’t believe she is getting so old already. Beautiful pictures

Suzi Wallace

Wonderful photos of Lily !

Cleve Wallace

Beautiful child.. beautiful parents.. beautiful photos.. nicely done, Claire.. Susan and I look forward to the remaining portraits.

Jennifer Melson

What beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest.


Ahhh beautiful Lily. Love the last one – looks like she’s ready to float down the Nile.

I’ve known Sterling since he was in 7th grade. It’s quite shocking that he has grown up and has a daughter as beautiful as Lily. I’m not surprised that he loves her so much and is a great dad. Looking forward to seeing more of who Lily is through your pics.

Karen Cummings

Little Lily bug!! Precious, beautiful girl!

Grandpa Andy

Claire these are beautiful pictures of Lily and family. Especially the second one where Lily is laughing, you captured her beautifully.

Cynthia Pietrzak,

Claire, you capture the heart and soul of the subject and viewer!! Can’t wait see the rest of Lily’s pics!! Now I’m curious and want to explore your complete picture inventory!!

Donna Griffin

These are beautiful pictures. I work with Sterling’s mom and love to see pictures of beautiful Lily.


You’re right Claire, I love this girl to pieces! Thanks so much for your beautiful work!

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