Cole + Luke {Dallas Child Photographer}

So many sessions to share on the blog, but for now here’s one I’m finishing up as we speak. One big change from the last time I saw this family is that Cole is now a big brother, and a very sweet one at that. Precious Luke is at one of my favorite ages to photograph, and one of the last stages to capture that cute baby chub. So thankful for gorgeous spring evenings like this one. It made for a perfect session!

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Christy Coman

Love the pics of the boys!! Adorable!


so adorable… great job claire! once again great subjects :)

Kathleen Reams

ADORABLE!!!!! Cole and Luke are so cute and I loved their outfits and the setting!!!!

Anne Slaughter

Luke & Cole are adorable! Love the use of color combining the background and their clothes. You captured that protective “older” brother relationship that is so endearing.

Marilyn Davis

We LOVE every single picture! How are we going to choose? These are all exceptional photos of the boys! What a great setting!

Lisa Johnson

Claire, you’re going to have to stop out-doing yourself each time you take these pictures! So love the emotion you captured so beautifully in each one of these shots. Two should be harder, but you make it look easy…..thank you so so much for helping us save these wonderful little minutes in our hearts!
Lisa Johnson “Lala”
214-356-5616, cell

Melissa Gilbert

Precious pictures and beautiful setting!! I cannot believe how big the boys are getting and how handsome they are!

Berkeley Litton

These are absolutely precious! Cole and Luke are such handsome little men, and I love the bluebonnets too! What great pictures!

Jada Scruggs

These are beautiful! The boys are getting so big!

Elizabeth Conger



I love these photos of the precious boys! What a beautiful setting, too!

Amy Crain

Beautiful! Love the colors and Luke’s curls :) These boys are growing up too fast!

Leigh Johnson

Love these pictures and LOVE my nephews! You captured wonderful images Claire!

Oh how I miss Texas bluebonnets and the Johnson family! These picts captured the beauty of both!!!!!!


What a precious family and gorgeous photo! I am so jealous of the beautiful bluebonnets, we don’t get those up here in Virginia. Make me miss Texas!


Thank you Kristi! I am so glad they bring a smile to your face :) Had so much fun with y’all and I just love those sweet boys of yours!


So cute! Could Cole possibly look any more like his dad? Great job on their clothes!

dan harris

Great pictures!!


Precious, beautiful, and sweet children!! Cole looks exactly like Ryan and Luke is growing up so fast!!!


These are adorable!

Allison Petro

Omg they are so beautiful! Cole is getting so big and looks just like Ryan, and Luke is adorable and looks just like Kristi. Gorgeous pictures!

Ashley Margerison

Beautiful boys!

Allyson Warren

Precious!! Love the colors of spring with the boys adorable outfits and Luke’s prefect curls! Can’t wait to see all of the pics.


Just darling! Love the bluebonnets!!


These pictures make me smile! Thank you so much for capturing these great memories of our boys together. As always, I love your work!

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