This cute little fella is the 3rd boy to be welcomed into this family, and I must say he made my job look quite easy. Such a peaceful little guy. Meet Ryder, 8 days old and completely adorable.

This next one is an example of what I like to call the “icing on the cake” shot. haha. Sometimes siblings love snuggling next to their new baby brother or sister, sometimes not so much. Lucky for me, big brothers Connor and Mason took a break from playing superheroes, and we were able to get some images of them loving on their new baby brother. Talk about 3 handsome boys!

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I loved the picture where the 3 little boys come out! Wow the parents must be very proud:) Congrats on the new little addition to your family!

Candice Brekke

These are adorable! I love the one with Ryder wearing the hat, too cute!

Tanya Noble

Such gorgeous photos…..what beautiful children!! They are obviously so relaxed and happy with you working around them..amazing!!

Jennifer leising

The best Baby Photos I have ever seen!

Sarah Ianace

Love the pictures!! Beautiful!! The one of the 3 boys is awesome!

alicia schraeder

awesome pics! precious boys! fABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Andrea Oliver

Ya’ll make the prettiest babies!!!! Love the pics!

bonnie slack

Awwwww! Those are the cutest pictures ever! I love the one of all three of them together. I must say, you and Andrew have very good genes because those are the three cutest boys ever!!

Staci Poindexter

The photos are gorgeous!!! Ryder is absolutely precious, and the one of the three boys is priceless!

Ryder is my great nephew and my mother, who lives with me, celebrated his birth as her fourth great grandchild. The pictures are wonderful and bring us much happiness since we live way out in western Oklahoma. Kathryn and Marie Harrison

Golden LeBlanc

Those are the most beautiful amazing pictures I think I have ever seen. Makes me want to have third boy just to be able to have pictures like these too! You must be so proud, J!!!

Aimee McKeever

His lips are so smoochable. Cute baby boy

Bessie Justelien

He is so adorable. Love the one with the hat


I absolutely LOVE Ryder’s pictures! And, the one of him
with Connor and Mason is beyond precious! I’m ready to order!!!

Jennifer Baker

These pictures are precious…Love the one of all three of the boys laying down.

Jessica McGrath

OMG!!! Claire you are so talented!! I’m seriously in awe and almost in tears looking at these pictures of my boys:) You have captured such precious moments that I will be able to cherish forever…thank you!!!

Lara Dinkins

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The pictures are absolutely adorable. What three handsome boys!

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