What to Wear

Most importantly, your child should be comfortable and therefore most of my clients opt for everyday clothes over more dressy/formal ones (i.e. all white, smocked.) Please try to avoid white and black. Clients usually bring along several outfits and accessories. This way we can have several options to add some variety throughout the session. I am always happy to help put together the perfect outfit!

This is when we really want to capture their cute baby chub and often clothing for babies under 6 months tend to appear baggy. For smaller babies, I love photographing them in just a diaper cover and utilizing hats/blankets as part of their “outfit”. For older babies, onesies are great. I suggest avoiding stiff collared shirts/dresses as they tend to bunch up into their necks/faces.

Bold, bright colors, and patterns are great for kids. Think texture & personality! Accessories can add personality to an outfit, so feel free to bring along a fun scarf, tights, boots, or hats. Layering is also great (sweaters/shirts layered on top of polos, skirts with tights and boots, leggings girls, etc.)  Don’t be afraid to bring your child’s favorite dress-up item. Superman capes, tutus, etc. are fun to incorporate at the end of the session!

For groups, try to pick 2-4 colors that you want to incorporate and choose ones that compliment one another. Matching is not necessary (I actually prefer that you don’t match exactly.) Adding variety and color really looks great in photographs. For example, for a family session I suggest choosing the kids outfits first and picking out a few colors from their outfits for mom & dad. Try dressing one child in a colorful pattern and pulling a few colors out of that one piece for everyone else. If you really prefer a more neutral look, consider using different shades of browns and grays. Even then, adding in a bit of color still looks great without being too colorful. Remember that if one person is wearing white, it makes them stand out more which is another reason I always suggest color!

*See the galleries below for some inspiration:

*You can also check out the style board I update regularly on Pinterest with outfits from both current and past seasons and overall color palette ideas as well. http://pinterest.com/clairemueller/session-outfit-ideas/